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Alcoholic Drinks : The eclectic beauty of white comes alive with this gift of 6 white roses accompanied by sitting sweet bear.
Alcoholic Drinks : 3 red roses mean so many things: I admire you; I love you; I cherish you; Please be mine or Please marry me.
Alcoholic Drinks : Dazzling and electrifying, this bouquet of 12 bandon pink roses is softened by some fillers.
Alcoholic Drinks : Gordons London Dry Gin - Carefully distilled to the same recipe since 1769, a distinctive flavoured gin.
Alcoholic Drinks : Absolut Blue Vodka (70cl) - Premium pure vodka from Sweden.
Alcoholic Drinks : A tribute to the legendary and modern day adventurer. It honours their core essence of loyalty, bravery and determination. These timeless qualities, b...
Alcoholic Drinks : Bardolino is made from a mixture of grapes, each of which has a precise role to fill. Corvina provides body and colour. Rondinella is responsible for ...
Alcoholic Drinks : Gentle sweetness is exuded by this charming Get Well basket containing 6 bottles of Birds' Nest and a pretty floral arrangement consisting gerberas an...

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