Leaked - Android Marshmallow Coming To iPhones

Apple is secretly working on their first Android OS supported iPhone. Since sales are struggling, Apple have launched their latest plan to gain more market share.
30 Mar 2016   1,276

Best Dual-Sim Smartphone Singapore Price - February 2016

Check out the latest prices of the best dual sim smartphones available here in Singapore!
16 Feb 2016   2,869

Best Apple Product Accessories for iPad, iPhone, MacBook & More

Make most out of your Apple devices! Accessorize your iPhone, iPad, MacBook and Apple Watch to make them even better than what they already are!
28 Jan 2016   1,835

New Year Resolutions 2016 Starter Kit

Priceza brings all the things you need to get started on tackling your New Year Resolutions! Let's accomplish more this year!
12 Jan 2016   1,474

Samsung Galaxy A9 Announced: Big Display Giant Battery

This giant phablet from Samsung is about to raise bars for display and battery size in smartphones!
30 Dec 2015   4,114

Do's and Don'ts of Celebrating New Year 2016

If you want to have a successful New Year celebration, then this guide will make sure that you will!
28 Dec 2015   1,489

iPhone 7 and More - 2016 Best Smartphones

If you think 2015 has been a good year for smartphone releases, then 2016 will be even sweeter!
24 Dec 2015   2,477

How Reading Barcode Will Help You Shop Smarter

This little tip might change the way you shop at the supermarket forever!
23 Dec 2015   1,813

Last Minute Christmas and New Year Gift 2015/16

Don't panic! Here are the best selling products to help you get started on choosing the perfect present for your loved ones.
18 Dec 2015   1,740

Most Wanted Marble-Print Sneakers - Hottest Sneakers Trend of 2016

From Nike to Balenciaga, the biggest trend of 2016 will be these marble-print sneakers that will take street fashion to a whole new level.
15 Dec 2015   2,732

How to Remove Serious Stains Properly

Be ready for anything this holiday season so that your clothes and home decors will be spotless!
15 Dec 2015   1,289

How To Open a Blister Pack Without Hurting Yourself?

Here's the best way to open a blister pack you didn't know you could!
30 Nov 2015   937


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