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Digital Cameras GoPro : The Movo MTP2000 is a portable turntable that provides an ideal solution for creating time lapse videos or panoramic stills with GoPro/action camera, ...
Digital Cameras GoPro : The lavalier lapel microphone kit is a professional quality omni-directional condenser mic, easy to use with your mobile phone or tablet. We prepared ...
Digital Cameras GoPro : TurnsPro® Time Lapse Camera Mount TurnsPro is a motorised rotating camera mount for smartphones, GoPro, action cameras, DLSRs (under 1 kg) and compact...
Digital Cameras GoPro : Universal Tripod Smartphone Mount, for Apple iPhone, Android, Fits Most Phones Universal Tripod Stand Mount - Compatible with smartphones and most pha...
Digital Cameras GoPro : Specification Connector 1: USB 2.0 Type B Male Connector 2: USB 2.0 mini 5 pin male USB 2.0 data transfer rate up to 480 Mb/s. Fully compatible with P...
Digital Cameras GoPro : Fugetek Pro Mini Table Tripod Stand, GoPro, Smartphones, Compact Cameras and DSLRs, Black, Portable SIMPLE YET VERSATILE Lightweight and very portable...
Digital Cameras GoPro : Description This Ugreen USB 2.0 Type A male to Mini 5-pin cable features a standard Type-A USB connector on one end and a Mini Type-B connector on the...
Digital Cameras GoPro : Includes a Head Strap and a Quick Clip for a variety of head- mounting options. Fully adjustable to fit all sizes, the Head Strap can be worn over a h...

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GoPro Singapore

History of GoPro

Nicholas Woodman founded GoPro in 2002 in his 20s. He needed a camera to capture his surfing moments and paired several cameras together. He ended-up with a new product which is now named GoPro Hero. This product was motorized and did not use batteries. The 35 millimetres camera retailed for about $30 in 2004. The camera has a colour films and captures up-to 24 shots.

Nicholas Woodman made sales in Australia and Indonesia.2011 saw the investment of $88 million from five venture capital firms. At the end of 2012, GoPro revenue had risen to $234 million with 2.3 million cameras. They envisioned assisting individuals to capture and relive experiences with others. They are striving to maintain market leadership in live sports.

They sell and market high-definition action cameras. GoPro also bought CineForm and included its video codec into GoPro designs. They did their initial IPO in 2014 where they raised approximately $427 million. They operate in many countries. GoPro Singapore, for example, has similar products as those found in the United States.


GoPro has multi-purpose wearable and mountable cameras and camcorders. The cameras are efficient in capturing memorable moments. The company uses brand names such as GoPro and Hero. They have authorised dealers from whom customers can buy GoPro products. These include over 25,000 retail stores worldwide as of 2015.

The company further has the following products:

Hero cameras that include Hero4 session that goes for $400, Hero4 black that goes for $500 and Hero4 silver that costs about $400, in 2015. There was Hero3 before September 2014 which preceded Hero4. Other cameras include: Hero 5 (late 2015 – early 2016), HD HERO 960, and HERO plus LCD

GoPro camera mount items such as 3-Way Mount, Chest Harness, Suction Cup, Jaws Flex Clamp, Dog Harness and Surfing mount. It gives you hands-off flexibility so that you can capture moments while doing other activities. The cameras have circular-rotation and incline plasticity. The sizes are also adjustable.

Accessories that include additional batteries, chargers and spares

GoPro Studio for video editing: it is used to edit footages. This also ties in with its content development on YouTube where videos get uploaded after editing. GoPro receives thousands of view on YouTube in its numerous video uploads.


GoPro carefully considers the customer needs. They are inventive and create products that suit the specific consumers’ needs. GoPro cameras lead the market in sports such as biking, motor-racing, surfing and underwater activities. The cameras withstand water and other unfavourable environments. They create unique online content that is motivating.

They have an aggressive market campaign that centres on showcasing all moments captured with GoPro devices. They encourage customers to tag GoPro while posting content captured through their cameras online. They have put measures to protect the authenticity of the brand, and copyright brand names and content. GoPro online content is appealing. Customers share stories with links to GoPro daily.

Instagram and YouTube acclaim GoPro as a top brand in the market. YouTube ranks it in the brand channel leader-board. It is a preferred brand and customers love it. GoPro has huge fans who are devoted and strongly involved.

GoPro also won an Emmy Award for its Wi-Fi incorporated, waterproof cameras. They have invested heavily in the power of their cameras, making them highly reliable. 


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