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Casio is a Japanese multinational electronics company that first gained worldwide recognition for manufacturing calculators and wrist watches. Over time, it has expanded its product line to include digital cameras, TVs, games, musical instruments and keyboards, cell phone, electronic dictionaries, laptops and notebooks. Products like "prayer compass" wrist watches cater to specific markets in the Middle East. The company's headquarters are located in Shibuya, Tokyo.

The company was founded in 1946 by Kashio Tadao, an engineer and inventor. Kashio used his knowledge of electronics to use solenoids to make the world's first electric calculator. Until then, calculators were just mechanical adding machines that used gears powered by motors or even by hand. Since that time Casio has been at the frnot of innovation in consumer electronics.

In 1974, Casio introduced its digital wrist watches and recorded a series of innovative firsts - the first quartz movement, the first wristwatch with a calculator, the first watches to show local time in different time zones, the first to read temperature, atmospheric and water pressure, and the first wristwatches with GPS. Today Casio watches have a reputation for rugged reliability, and are highly water and shock resistant.

Popular models include watches that have both digital and analog functions, like the Wave Ceptor and Pro Trek/ Pathfinder series. The G shock series of shock resistant watches are also very popular and some models have become collectors' items. Another series of popular wristwatches in the 1980s included video games.

Casio digital cameras too have been pioneers in the field, introducing LCD screens, ultra-compact models, and ceramic lens and 3 megapixel technology. Through the 1980s and '90s Casio established its reputation as a maker of watches and calculators. Casio's product line is now highly diversified, and now includes software and apps for smartphones as well. All of these continue to live up to the company's motto: "Creativity and Contribution". 

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