Let's Countdown to the 28th SEA Games

Last updated 29 Sep 2015

The sporting spirits is in the air! The 28th SEA Games is about to take place. Here are some of the things to expect at this year's historic spporting event!

The Grand Opening Ceremony
Grab a seat, turn off the lights, and open your eyes! Picture a firework rain, while the LED lights are flashing, and the upbeat anthems will be playing in the background. Well-choreographed performers will be flying in-sync in the new National Stadium. That is exactly what you can expect to happen at this year’s 28th SEA Games, taking place right here in Singapore. It is anticipated to be the largest sports opening ceremony ever in the new National Stadium. The ceremony will be held on the 5th of June 2015.


Image taken from: seagames2015.com
Road Closures
With over 11 countries in the Southeast Asia participating, excited crowds and pumped up athletes will sure be flooding the Singapore Island. Many roads around the venue will be closed. Here’s a little overview of the road closure schedule will be like during this sporting event. You’re welcome.

image taken from: seagames2015.com

Most Anticipated Sports 

Track and field is definitely one of the sporting category you don’t want to miss. According to AsiaOne, Team Singapore have recently break many records during the Taiwan Open Athletics Championships, which took place just a few weeks ago. The women’s 4 x 100 meter relay team set a new national record of just 46.44 seconds. The record was set by Shanti Pereira, Dipna Lim-Prasad, Wendy Enn, and Smriti Menon. With only a few days to the SEA Games, their record setting spirits will surely be a boost of confidence for the entire Singapore track team.
Football, being one of the most popular sports within the Southeast Asia region, it will be one of the most watched sport categories during the SEA Games. Throughout the years, Singapore has a pretty decent collection of silver and bronze medals. The Singapore hopeful Adam Swandi, a 19-year old is expected to bring the Singapore team to the spotlight this year. SEA Games football tournaments will take place at Jalan Besar Stadium, and Bishan Stadium. The final match will take place on 15th of June. Go #TeamSingapore!
Ways to Watch the Game

  1. Right at the Field
Tickets are available for purchase at the Official SEA Games website. However, the opening and closing ceremony tickets are long gone. Many sporting event tickets are not sold out just yet, so get yours now!

 image taken from: ActiveSG
  1. From your devices
If you couldn’t get the tickets in time, you still cheer for your favourite team right from your laptop and the mobile app. Other than catching live broadcast from the local station at home, you can also watch live steaming through YouTube! There is a dedicated channel for the event for you to watch all the drama and action live! The SEA Games official channel is at youtube.com/singaporesports/

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- OR -

image taken from: seagames2015.com

We hope you will enjoy this exciting sporting event, which will be held right here in Singapore. We can’t wait to see what the results will be! For now, let’s get in the spirit of the SEA Games!

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