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Last updated 29 Sep 2015

Many attention have been drawn to the Chinese newbie, Xiaomi. The latest release of from Xiaomi is the Xiaomi Mi Note. Some have doubts about the phone, because it seems too good to be true. We think that the Xiaomi Mi Note just might be the proof of a love at first sight.

The Mi Note is the top-of-the-line phablet from Xiaomi with specs that was made to kill. It is the most expensive device out of all the Xiaomi product line. It is a bit strange to use the word expensive, because it is still well under the competitor’s price such as the iPhone 6 Plus, or the Galaxy Note 4. The Xiaomi Mi Note Singapore price is currently around $500-550, which is well underpriced for the powerful hardware. Still not convinced, let’s take a look at the features of the Xiaomi Mi Note!


From a glance..
The design of the Mi Note has been compared to the concept of Apple iPhones. From a glance, it is somewhat true. It is because of its simple design and limited palette of the casing. But, we must say that the design of the Mi Note is a big step up from other budget phones from Xiaomi. Instead of the plastic feel, the phablet is made of quality metal and glass. It does not feel cheap to the touch. The curvature of the glass contour on the back fits nicely within the palm.

Still, it is a phablet, therefore it is quite large compared to most phones out there. The screen is 5.7 inch, thus, you will likely need to use two hands when handling the phone. But because it was design to grip easily, this should help eliminate the problem. Although, we do recommend getting a protective case with generous grip, since the backing is glass. It can be very slippery when situating on a slick surface.

Amazing display
One of the things that made this phablet looks and feel like an expensive phone is the quality of the display. Xiaomi really invested their time and energy into making an impressive screen quality to deliver amazing photos. Whether if you are buying a cheaper Mi 4i or the Redmi 2, you will still get the superb quality display from Xiaomi. The Mi Note 5.7 inch full HD display has a display density of 386 ppi. This is below the Samsung Galaxy Note 4, of 515 ppi. However, it is still impressive, considering it is right at the range of the Note 3, of 386 ppi. With the naked eye, you can barely see the individual pixels. Taking the numbers aside, the screen is able to display crisp photos and icons with rich colours. The contast ratio is impressive. Instead of a 1000:1 contast, the Mi Note’s contrast ratio is 1400:1, giving the content life through vibrant colours.


Taken from Mi.com


Ability to adapt under sunlight
One of biggest challenge about any device such as smartphones is the readability under sunlight. Most of the time, we end up having to max out the brightness level when being under extreme brightness. Although it does help, one of the consequences is that it drains out the battery quite fast. This is not the case with the Mi Note. With the Sunlight Display feature, the screen automatically adapt to the warm hues. Instead of increasing the brightness alone, the colour contrast actually gets boosted, giving it a natural look of images and increases readability. This is a much smarter solution to adapting the screen under a strong lighting condition.

Xiaomi Mi Note also comes in Mi Note PRO version, with even better display quality.
Taken from Mi.com

Geared up for performance
The phablet is equipped with Snapdragon quad-core 2.5GHz processor. It also has a RAM of 3GB. We found that the performance under heavy usage is incredibly smooth. Switching between apps becomes a breeze with the new Mi Note phablet. If you love to multi-task, and browse a lot of things at once, then you will find the phablet stutter-free.

Taken from Mi.com

The Adreno 330 GPU in the Mi Note supports advanced graphics APIs, such as OpenGL ES 3.0, FlexRender and Renderscript Compute. So if you are a game lover, then you will find that the Xiaomi Mi Note is able to deliver 3D quality graphics like a gaming console. The phablet is able to render complex graphics in high-speed with the Unified Shader Architecture. Score! With the generous screen size and graphics quality, you will love watching movies and playing games with the Mi Note phablet. The phablet only comes in 16 GB or 64 GB storage models. This is not bad, considering an iPhone 6 starts with a 16 GB model. However, it does not have an expandable microSD card storage.

The cameras
Instead of spoiling you with the high 20 MP camera, the Mi Note showcase a high quality 13 MP Sony IMX214 CMOS sensor f/2,0 with image stabilization. Bumping up from the affordable Mi 4i, the image stabilization feature will reduce the change of blurry pictures, especially under low light. It also has a two-tone flash. The front selfie camera features a generous 4 MP camera.

Great camera features
What is great about the Mi Note is the clean and easy to use user interface. Instead of a traditional “switch to front” button when want to switch from a main back camera to front found in many devices such as the iPhone 6, Xiaomi introduces a new kind of control gesture. To take an image with the front camera, you simply swipe on the screen from top to bottom, making an intuitive “flip” from back to front.
You can also easy to switch from different camera modes such as Panorama, Refocus, and Manual by swiping left. To switch to different filters, you simply swipe right to select the filter you wish to choose. You also have a greater control of the camera with the manual mode. You no longer feel limited when using your smartphone as a camera. With the Mi Note, you can customise exposure time, white balance, IOS, shutter speed, and focus. It is like having another DSLR camera right in your pocket! Getting professional quality photo can now be your second nature. Get creative with long exposure time of up to 32 seconds!


Mi Note camera interface on manual mode.
Taken from Mi.com

Mi Note camera interface when using Tracking Autofocus.
Taken from Mi.com

Locks fast moving objects with the Tracking Autofocus. For those who loves to take photos of cars or candid snapshot of your beloved pet, this feature is perfect for you. To use, just use two fingers to tap the display and just slide to adjust the focal area. Capturing jump shots becomes possible with this Mi Note. It is one of those things that other phones are still unable to deliver.

Stepping up their game in sound quality, Xiaomi is taking professional grade Hi-Fi systems and pack it into the Mi Note.  Unlike the traditional single audio decoder chip installed in most smartphones, the Mi Note uses a Hi-Fi audio decoder. Music is interpreted more accurately with better dynamic range and low distortion. Best of all, the phablet is engineered so that it still delivers amazing sound quality with most headphones! This is an amazing feature for music and movie lovers. 

Taken from Mi.com
Impressive battery life
Still, one of the biggest frustration when using a smartphone these days is the underperforming battery. The phone has a 3000mAh battery, which promises to last more than a day. That is an incredible battery performance which makes this phablet so desirable. A single charge is able to stay alive for 28 hours or regular usage. Instead of relying on your power bank during your day out and about in the city, the Xiaomi Mi Note will make you want to throw it out! The phone also comes with Quick Charge 2.0, which means that it is able to recharge up to 75% faster than traditional methods.

Stay connected with your body
There is no doubt that the phone will allow you to connect with the rest of the world through internet browsing, but the Mi Note will also let you keep track of your own fitness performance. The phone comes with the Sensor Hub, which tracks fitness profess without draining the phone’s battery.  It has a Mi Fit app, which allows you to combine the data from your fitness trackers all in one device. So, it is no longer just a phone, it is also a personal coach.
The Mi Note verdict
It is an absolute yes from us. The Mi Note makes the idea of paying top-dollars for a great phone become the thing of the past. Xiaomi offers solutions to current problems that can be found in most smartphones such as low readability during harsh lighting, poor battery life, and slow performance when multi-tasking. Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and iPhone 6 Plus better watch out because the Mi Note is well-packed with specs that are hard to resist. It has amazing features that you could ever ask for in a phone and more, and without the wallet ripping price tag!

There are other great devices from Xiaomi that are worthy of mentioning..
redmi note

1. Xiaomi Redmi Note
The sibling of the Xiaomi Mi Note is the Xiaomi Redmi Note. It is a less expensive version of the Mi Note with pretty impressive specs for its price.

The Redmi Note has a 5.5 inch display, similarly with the LG G3. The corner of the phones are rounded, making the grip rather comfortable, especially when holding the phone horizontally. The material is mostly plastic, hence the price.

Surprisingly, the Xiaomi Redmi Note features a 13 MP main camera and a 5 MP front camera. Camera surely is one of the things that Xiaomi really pays attention to.

Battery Life
The Redmi Note has a 3100mAh Li-ion Polymer battery. It is big enough for you to enjoy 14 hours of browsing the internet or 38 hours of talking time. That is an impressive battery performance!

Software and features
Just like other Xiaomi devices like the Xiaomi Mi3 and the Xiaomi Mi4, the Note comes with MIUI. MIUI is the Xiaomi’s approach on Android operating system. With years of perfecting, the Xiaomi user interface stands out from other Android devices.

Overall the Redmi Note is also jam packed with great features, similarly to the Mi Note. With half the price, it is not half the performance. It is still a great pick for those who wants budget smartphones with top notch specs!

2. Xiaomi Mi Band

What separates the Xiaomi Mi Band from other fitness bands like the FitBit Flex or Jawbone Up2 is obviously the price. The band features a very durable rubber and plastic design. The rubber comfortably wraps around your wrist and secure with a press stud. It is also water resistant, so you do not have to worry when you are sweating, or wearing when performing water sports. As for the display, it has 3 LED lights indicator as a feedback for your progress. Though it does not have a decorative appeal like the Nike FuelBand or the Jawbone Up, its minimal design is not in any way unattractive. 

Performance and features
The band is able to sync with both Android and iOS devices through Bluetooth through the Xiaomi fitness app. What can I do with the Mi Band? You can setup daily goals to track your progress. The band automatically picks up whether if you are running, walking or other exercises. Instead of manually logging your sleep, the Mi Band is able to recognize when you go to sleep as well as when you are awake.

Battery life
The battery life of the Xiaomi Band is impressive. If you are one of those people who occasionally forget to charge your fitness bands, then the Mi Band is definitely for you. The tracker is able to last over 30 days with a single charge!

Apps and notifications
The band is backed by the Mi Band’s app, which is a platform to display graphs and information on your progress. The data can be broken down into activities, step count, calorie count and much more. While it is an equivalent of a smartwatch, the Mi Band will vibrate when you are receiving a call! This is a feature that other fitness bands does not provide.

Overall, the Mi Band is a great fitness band for any budget. It is amazing that it does all the great features that other much more expensive fitness bands are able to do such as tracking activities and sleep. What makes this band great is that it goes beyond a regular fitness tracker, and also acts as a notification center for your phone calls. With its low price, the Mi Band is definitely a steal!
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