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Last updated 29 Sep 2015

Let’s face it, although the new iPhone 6 Plus, Samsung Galaxy S6, LG G3 or other smartphones alike have come out with a “new and improved” cameras. The specifications have been bumped up. The focus have been improved. Sensors have been redesigned. However, it still does not match the quality of the digital cameras out there. Well, we have a solution to that. You are no longer bound to the specification of your smartphones, and carry your “smartphone DSLR” right in your pocket with the Sony attachable lens!
Sony Cyber-shot DSC-QX Lenses
There are three options for the Sony attachable lenses:
Sony qx10
1. Cyber-shot DSC-QX10 (18.2 MP)
The very first attachable lens from Sony with 3x zoom.

sony qx100

2. Cyber-shot DSC-QX100 (20.2 MP)
The bigger QX100 from the QX10, with 10x zoom power.

sony qx30
3. Cyber-shot DSC-QX30 (20.4 MP)
The latest from Sony, with 30x zoom!
These models varies slightly, however they operates the same way. The Cyber-shot DSC-QX30 is the latest model released by Sony, therefore we will be taking about the key features and how you can turn your smartphone into a professional grade camera with the QX30.

What is a QX30 attachable “lens camera”?

The lens is considered a Sony compact camera line-up. It is different than an ordinary camera in which it does not have a LCD screen like the regular camera does. It looks more like a camera lens. Do not confuse it with a regular lens kit that you mount it onto your smartphone lens to get wide angle images or macro. The QX30 has its own image sensor, so you don’t need to adjust so that it aligns your smartphone lens. 
Taken from Sony.co.uk
The lens is monthed to a smartphone with a Sony clip.

The DSC-QX30 takes high-quality photos with 20.4 MP! Say goodbye to your digital cameras, or your thoughts of buying a bulky DSLR. The lens has a 1 / 2.3in camera sensor on to the end of an impressive 30x zoom lens! To put it in perspective, this Sony lens sensor is much larger than the 1 / 3 in sensor you find in your iPhone 6! What this means is that it will enable you to capture more light and detail. You no longer have to fear the low-light situations. The 30x zoom is definitely a feature that a smartphone camera cannot offer. This will give you the advantage when it comes to a long-distance shooting.
sony lens
Taken from Sony.co.uk

The QX30 allows you get creative with your shoot. You have the freedom to control the shutter speed, aperture and the ISO sensitivity. Capture movement with the slow shutter speed setting, or freeze a moment with faster shutter speed. This is something that you cannot do alone with a smartphone.
sony qx30
Sample taken from: Expertreviews.co.uk
One of the issues with taking photos with your smartphones is that it becomes very problematic when it comes to a low-light situation. This is because of the small sensor that comes with the phone. But with the QX30, you have a large sensor squeezed into the lens, allowing you to capture more light! You can also toggle the ISO without introducing a lot of noise into the image.
 Sony camera price
Sample taken from: BJFF


As mentioned earlier, it does not come with a viewfinder. To use it, you will need to rely on your smartphone display as a viewfinder to frame. Simply attach the lens to your smartphone with a clip.
Taken from: Photorumors.com

BUT! You don’t always need to mount it to the back of a smartphone. If you find yourself in a big crowd and wants to get a better view for your photo, unclip the lens and hold it up high!
sony camera
Taken from: Hi-tech.mail.ru
Want to take a picture of yourself without looking like a typical selfie? Set the lens down, and use the phone as a remote shutter release! Score! Just like other digital cameras, you can also mount the QX30 to a tripod. This is especially useful when taking a long exposure shot. You are guaranteed to get an impressive result!
Taken from: Sony.com
The connection between the lens and the smartphone is done over Wi-Fi. The QX30’s connection between the iOS and Android devices have been greatly improve. Therefore, the delay between camera movement and the onscreen reaction is barely noticeable. Particularly with the Android phones with NFC, it is super-fast to connect.


Everything has a downside. One of the main disadvantages that the NX30 has is that is does not come with a built in flash. To get a good image in low-light, you only have a control over ISO and aperture. This becomes risky if you do not have a tripod mount for image stabilization.

Another negative of the lens is battery life. It has its internal battery, but it is only good for 200 shorts roughly. It also drains a lot of battery from your smartphone. And without a smartphone, you have no clue at what you are pointing at. Therefore, keep spare batteries and your power bank handy!

For now, you can only save images in JPEG files. There is no option for saving as RAW. We hope that Sony will take this into consideration and further enhance the features of their clip-on camera lens!


The Cyber-shot DSC-QX30 is definitely a great additional gadget for those who loves photography. You have great control over camera settings, as well as the flexibility in the way you choose to take each shot. The performance under low-light is especially impressive with the QX30. You are able to get really creative with your shots, and get one of a kind photos with long exposures and aperture control. Even though it has a few pitfalls, it surely is a great camera lens that will turn your smartphone into a DSLR in an instant!

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