iPhone 6s Price and Secrets Revealed

Last updated 29 Sep 2015

We discussed earlier on the article All About the New Apple iOS 9 about the features that were announced during the WWDC last month. We all know that we will be expecting the iPhone 6s to be released soon. But what will it look like? Or, what will be the difference between iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s? Is it really better? Here’s what we do know about the iPhone 6s / iPhone 6s Plus and the new iOS 9.
iPhone 6s
Force Touch Technology

Bloomberg reports over the weekend about the new iPhones are hitting the production line. And indeed, it will contain the feature known as “Force Touch.” It might sound a bit familiar to you as the technology was first introduced in the Apple Watch and the latest MacBook model. Apple have been working hard with suppliers to get the perfect touchscreen.

        What is Force Touch Technology?
Force Touch detects how hard the user is pressing on the screen. This will allow more actions to be carried out according to the amount of pressure. It will be a new way for iPhone users to interact with their device. Here are the possible theories for the Force Touch in iOS 9:
  1. Control fast-forward button in music players or video players
  2. New shortcuts according to the kind of top or touch
  3. Controlling slow-motion and time lapse in real time when recording a video
We think that with the new kind of control involve, it could also cause major frustration in the user experience as well.
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iPhone 6
Camera Improvement

You can also expect the major improvement in camera. It will be one of the biggest jump iPhone have ever made with their camera and lens. Other competitors like the HTC, Samsung, and LG, they have been making big leaps into improving their camera quality to compete with the photography driven market for a while now.

         DSLR Quality
The new iPhone 6s will offer a DSLR quality pictures, according to John Gruber. The iPhone 6s will include a “two-lens-system” where the rear camera will use two lenses instead of single lens, which supposed to create a higher quality image, somehow. How the lens will be laid out or the system information is still unclear. However, we expect that the camera will be bumped to a 12MP!

Apple Watch Price

Apple Watch made with sapphire material will likely be introduced to the iPhone 6s

Better Screen

There also could be an improvement on screen resolution to compete with the rival, Samsung Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge. The material is also likely to change to sapphire glass. It will be a scratch resistant material, which will be more versatile and a very appealing change to the overall durability of an iPhone.

There’s also another rumor about getting rid of the home button, making the display larger. However, we believe that this change could be for the iPhone 7, rather than the iPhone 6s. We’re still unsure, but this change very welcoming.


New Processor

With bigger photos and new features being added, we might also see a new processor, the A9, replacing the current A8. It will be a smaller, faster, and possibly use less power to improve battery life of the iPhone 6s.

apple watch price

Rose gold Apple Watch
New Colour

Other than internal upgrade, there will be a new colour added to the palette. With the rose gold Apple Watch released, the iPhone 6s will likely follow. There will surely be a rose gold iPhone 6s. Take my money, Apple. It is quite certain that the overall dimensions of the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus will remain constant with the current iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.
iPhone 6

iPhone 6 / iPhone 6 Plus
iPhone 6s Price and Release Date

Looking back from previous years, the new iPhone have been announced during a keynote in the summer, usually around September. It will fall in the same pattern, starting with the keynote, then a pre-order. The iPhone 6s price will also remain similar to the iPhone 6 when it was first introduced. The iPhone 6s availability in Singapore in still unsure, but Priceza will definitely keep you updated!

We can see big jumps in the Apple’s game in bringing better devices, and solving major problems that have been disappointing the iPhone fans. We just cannot wait to see the new iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus!

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