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Five key benefits you will get from working with us:

Priceza will help you expand your business. The process is automatic and requires little to no effort on your end.


Increase more than 100% in sales.

Partnering with Priceza will allow your store to achieve up to a 100% increase or more in sales. It's just like having another online store. We will do everything for you, so you can sit back and enjoy more traffic.


No effort on your part.

Priceza can automatically list and update all your products on our site so you can focus your time on something more important. Let us help you grow your business.


Another way to reach your target audiences.

Imagine Priceza as a huge online shopping mall where customers love to hangout and shop. We keep adding more stores every week, so our shoppers can enjoy more product selections, which keeps them coming back again and again.


Sales Dashboard that provides all the data you need.

Sales Dashboard provides daily statistic updates that can help you gain more insight regarding the money that you spend and the results (conversions, most popular products and categories, etc.). Information is power!


We are much more cost-effective than our major competitors.

When shoppers visit our site, they already have the intention to buy. Therefore, once they have finished comparing prices and have clicked through to a merchant's website, they have probably already made their decision. Because of this, our conversion rate is higher than that of SMM. Also, our cost per click is much lower than that of SEM, even though our traffic quality is as high as that of SEM. You will only pay for the traffic that you get and there are no hidden costs. Therefore, there is no reason for you not to list your store on Priceza.

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Who is Priceza? is the leading online Price Comparison Service in Southeast Asia. We help consumers make smarter online shopping decisions by simply typing any product name into a search box.

How does Priceza System work?

Our system can automatically pull all product data from your site. We do not need access to your backend. Your data will only be used to help you promote your products, not for any others purposes. Your privacy is very important to us and will be guarded.

How old is Priceza?

Priceza is entering its 6th year in 2015. We have helped more than 30 millions shoppers to shop smarter and easier. We have also grabbed a lot of attentions from the media in this region.

Where is Priceza?

Priceza Co., Ltd.
126/101 ThaiSri Tower, 26th Floor,
Banglampoolang, Khlong San, Bangkok Thailand 10600
Need a Consult? Skype Us at chanida.priceza. 
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