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General terms and conditions

Priceza CO., LTD ("Priceza ") has prepared a website "www.Priceza.com.sg" ( hereinafter referred to as "website" ) to support the activities of electronic commerce of users. The users will be subject to the terms and conditions of this agreement. Therefore, the users should read and understand all of the terms and conditions of this agreement, and/or any other terms and conditions that Priceza notices on the website, carefully before accessing the website. Accessing this website is considered as the user’s acceptance and agreement to comply with all such terms and conditions. If a user does not wish to be bound by these terms and conditions, the user’s access and use of this website should cease.

Rights, duties and responsibilities of the users

  1. Priceza reserves the right to allowing only users who register as online members to join activities that are held on the website such as webboard posting, rating of goods / shop, giving comments, etc.
  2. Online registration is requested. The users are required to provide their current personal information accurately and completely.
  3. The users agree to correct and update the personal information previously provided in article 2 to be always accurate and up to date.
  4. The users agree to keep login name and password confidential. If a user allows others to use personal information and / or Login name and password in any activities, it shall be considered as carried out by that user, and might be legally binding as well.
  5. In case a user exercises rights in a way that causes damage to any other user, the user agrees to take responsibility for the full amount of the damage occurred.
  6. For any transaction related financially with online members who are under the age of 18 years, parental permission must be provided.
  7. Priceza reserves the right to terminate the online member profile of any user without prior notice if Priceza finds as follows:
      7.1 The user provided false information registered under article 2.
      7.2 The user did not keep login name and password confidential.
      7.3 The user acts inappropriately, illegally, contrary to good morals, or there being any reason to believe that the user may access the site with dishonest or malicious intent.

Limitation on Liability

  1. Content: Although Priceza reviews the contents and consistency of the content regularly, Priceza can’t guarantee that the content is accurate, complete or updated. Therefore, we can’t neither directly nor indirectly be held responsible for any error or delay of information, or the lack of continuity of linking to devices, regardless of there being any prior notice or advice from Priceza earlier about the probability that these problems can occur.
  2. Responsibility of the product: The users are made aware that Priceza is a website provider to support the activities of electronic commerce of users. It is not related to the selling of products and / or services of the shop on the website, so Priceza can’t be held liable for any damages neither directly nor indirectly, specifically, or as the result of the above.
  3. Service System: The users accept and agree that Priceza can’t guarantee that access to the entire or some part of the website can be obtained quickly at any time without any error, and Priceza can’t guarantee the website to be free of viruses, or any other issue that can potentially cause damage to the computer of the users.

Links to other websites

Links to another website is not under the care of Priceza. Therefore, Priceza is not responsible for any content on linked websites or any damages occurring from visiting those websites.

Privacy policy

  1. Priceza obtains your information when you create an account on the website, such as name, email address and date of birth. You can also import your information from Facebook in order to make your registration with Priceza.com easier. We will use your name to create an account and use a place when you register for recording your province on the website. We use your email to contact you. You can choose to receive or not receive newsletters. We also reserve the right to contact you on behalf of third parties by sending messages to you via email and we may use the province of your residence, date of birth, and gender to show advertising from third parties that might be relevant to you.
  2. Log and activity information: we will save information related to your web applications automatically, such as the webpages that you view on Priceza.com, web browser type, IP address, phone number, names of businesses that you contact via the website, as well as date and time you are online. We use this information to administer the website and improve services. We also use this information to analyze user behavior in order to measure interest in several functions of the website. We also collect anonymous information from cookies which allows us to identify customer segments. Our goal is to gain enough insight from browser data to deliver personalized ads that have a higher chance to be interesting for a visitor.
  3. Priceza follows international standards in terms of personal data protection of information that you gave us, during transmission and after we receive the information. However, please be aware that there is no method internet information transfer, or electronic storage, that is 100% secure. Therefore, we can’t guarantee complete security. The company reserves the right to deny any responsibility of data loss or stolen in any case.

Rights of Priceza

  1. Priceza has the right to correct, modify or terminate the terms and conditions of this agreement, and / or any other terms and conditions on the website without having to notify users in advance.
  2. The users agree and accept that trademarks, ideas, and forms presentations, including software developed for use on the website are protected by intellectual property laws. Any copying, fully or partly, is prohibited.
  3. All content showed on the website are under the copyright law with Priceza or third parties as intellectual property right holders. The users are allowed to use the content for use on the website only. It is prohibited to duplicate for other purposes.


User who wish to no longer receive our newsletter or promotion emails may click on a link named "Unsubscribe" which is embedded with every email sent by Priceza in order to not receive future messages.

Applicable Law

The terms and conditions of website and /or any other terms and conditions that show on the website are subject to the laws of Thailand, and are not under the conflict of law provisions.

Contact Information

E-mail: info@priceza.com.sg
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